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[Forum rules]READ THIS!

on Mon Oct 02, 2017 12:49 pm
Hello Everybody

Make sure to read the rules carefully!

Forum Rules

1. Do not Comment in a report/unban appeal
2. Do not Post two times the same topic!
3. Don't advert
4. Don't insult in Chatbox or in comments!
5. Don't bumping old topics;
6. Don't troll.
7. Don't impostering other players.
8. Do not post on what you don't understand.
9. If you don't know something, Don't give false information!
10. Don't lie.
11. No racism, Even if you are joking!
12. Do not post copyrighted material from any other servers! If you do that you will get a warning point and your copied material will be deleted!
13. Do not speak any other languages.
14. Do not post "+1", "GL", or any other useless posts.
15. Do not use the chatbox to advertise your cars/houses/drugs etc...
16. Do not post any forum topic link on the chatbox,
17. You are only allowed to use 1 signature,

If you break those rules you'll get Punished!!

The punishments are...

- Warning
- Mute
- Temporary Ban
- Permanent Ban

If you get alot of warnings point it  will end up in a temporaly ban.

Thanks for reading.
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