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1. Do not deathmatch (DM) - (applies to whole SA Map)
Deathmatching = Is shooting at someone without reason

   Wanted players can DM cops
   Gangsters can DM other Gangster
   Cops can’t kill cops/unemployeds or civilians
   Civilians/Unemployeds can't DM Cops/Gangsters/Unemployeds or Gangsters

2. ONLY English is allowed in the main, team chat and support chat.

    TUN is an English server, therefore, the only language that is allowed to be spoken in the main and team chat is English. This is mainly so that everyone understands what you're saying, it is sometimes irritating for players that speak completely in a different language to most to most players on the server as many do not understand what you're saying.
    We respect that players have their native languages, therefore, we have made a non-English chat for them. Press '5' to use it, or type /LangChat [text].

3. Do not insult, provoke, flame/rage, spam, flood, whine or spread rumors.

    If you are angry for any reason do not insult people or call them any names whatsoever, if you do you will be muted for doing so. Staff will decide whether you will be muted for what you said or not.

4. Do not annoy staff members.

   Staff members are normal players that have been recruited as volunteers into the TUN staff to help out the community.
   If a staff member does not reply to you it is most likely that they are busy with something so give it some time and then send them another message, do not annoy them by following them, or by spamming their name, etc.
   Provoking staff member or disrespecting is HIGHLY prohibited and players will be punished harshly.

5. Anything that gives you an unfair advantage towards others is strictly forbidden.

   Using hack/cheat programs.
   Abusing bugs or any form of script abuse.
   Using a job that gives you an advantage over other players.
   E.g. Protecting turfs as a law enforcement officer. If you have law enforcement job and you are caught helping a gang in a turf war, you will be punished for it.

6. Do NOT camp in busy areas

   Hospitals, PDs and AFK zones.

7. Do NOT impersonate other players/groups.

   If you are a new player and finds out that there is already a player with the same name as you, you will be asked to change your name because it is already in use by a current player on the server.
   Do not use tags of groups that you are not part of unless you have been permitted by the group leader.
   Do not even use names of famous players in MTA that do not play on TUN:RPG.
   Do not create groups with similar name/tags of an existing group. e.g S4EG, 5W4T.
   Do not create old famous gangs without the ex-leader permission.
   Staff members will decide whether it is valid or not.

8. Do not buy or sell in-game money/properties/accounts for real life money.

   You are allowed to buy in-game money from our donations store, as the money goes towards paying the host.
   Never buy/sell stuff to players just because you decide to leave the server, or you and the buyer will be punished for it.
   If you get scammed for buying/selling in-game items to other players then it is your own fault for violating our server rules.
   Selling/buying accounts for in-game and real life money is also strictly forbidden. Do not try to do it or both, the account seller and buyer will end up getting account blocks and possibly bans depends on what kind of punishment the staff will decide to hand.
   Selling group invitations for in-game or real life money is strictly forbidden and punished.

9. Trolling/Racism is prohibited in our server.

   Do not go around and annoy players for your own entertainment.
   This includes bumping someone his car over and over again, chanting religious phrases, interrupting training when all players that are training are unemployeds, etc.
   For most situations, staff will decide whether it is trolling or not.

10. Do not use the main chat for advertisement.

   Use /advert [text] for any sort of advertisement.

11. Forcing/blackmailing other players are strictly prohibited.

   Do not force someone to do something that they do not want to.
   Do not threaten players that if they do not do as they're told then you're going to do such and such to them.

12. Jobs abusing in AFK area.

   Do not stay in AFK zone as Hobo or Police, its consider as Farming money which it's not allowed and will result in jail or ban.

13. Advertising other MTA servers are forbidden.

   In TUN we do not want players to be talking about other servers.
   If you come into TUN to advertise other servers you will be banned straight away.

14. It is not allowed to use a jetpack while turfing, or a helicopter to get high on place unreachable with weed jump.

   You can't use jetpack AT ALL inside turfs. This will result in getting a jail since it causes unfair situations between players.
   If you have Gangster job and you are not involved in the turf war, then you can not camp outside the turf war and only kill gang members from one It will be considered as helping a gang while turfing, which makes it punishable.

15. Scamming is prohibited.

   This includes scamming items, vehicles, accounts, or money.
   f you got scammed you should always take and provide solid proof, else we will not bother to handle it, since getting scammed is always your own fault. No proof? Didn't happen. This is for all sort of scams, no exceptions.
   Scammers will be dealt with harshly punishments.

16. Camping bases are forbidden.

   Law can only raid Gangster/clan bases to search for drugs, arrest the wanted players inside. When they are done, they must leave immediately.
   Gangsters are not allowed to camp or invade squad and clan bases, not even if they are wanted.

17. Changing non-English chat.

   You can't change your non-English chat since it isn't possible for now maybe soon.

18. Law enforcement officer must bring wanted players to jail as soon as possible

   Cops must jail the wanted player(s) they arrested as fast as possible after they finished the fight there.
   Roaming around San Andreas and not jailing, telling them to type /tojail is against the rules. /tojail was made to save time for Gangster, so they don't need to reconnect if they want to get jailed immediately.
   When law enforcement officers have a player arrested they can enter store ONLY to heal up then they must leave and head towards the     PD, They cannot camp in there since it gives an unfair advantage.

19. You are Not allowed to use more then 1 account.  

20. Helping players is allowed and always appreciated, but not when you make binds, spam them and act like a backseat moderator.

    You are not allowed to make your own binds and use them in the main chat, since it causes huge spam when everyone does it.
    E.g "Speak only English in the main chat, press 5 for non-English pls". If you want to help, please use our /infohelp commands instead.

21. Do not misuse the advert and support chat.

   Advert chat is only meant for advertisement and the support chat for helping newbies or whoever needs help.

22. We are a diverse server, people from many different backgrounds play here.

   No matter if the majority of our server is Muslim, Christian,              etc.
   we do not condone players chanting religious phrases for any reason whatsoever. For example:"Allahu akbar". This goes to all religious phrases whatsoever.
   The discussion of Religion is not allowed. We do not discuss religion in our server due to the fact that it causes chaos and it is highly unnecessary.
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