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Military job application [OPENED]

on Fri Oct 13, 2017 2:06 pm

TUN's Military is looking for you! Take your chance and apply for a career inside the Military!

Why the Military?

The Military is a serious group, filled with motivated people that want to protect the street of San Andreas. Our job consists of multiple things such as taking care of Bank/Casino Robberies, Jail breaks, rented aircrafts, Terrorists, Warzones, on and on and on. As a team we accomplish our goals, we take the lead where needed and aren't afraid of a challenge!

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for skilled, active and loyal police officers who would like to take on a challenge, are not afraid to lead and act mature. A good english skill is required in the Military as communication is one of our strongest key to success.

Job opportunities

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How to start your career in the Military

Becoming one of our soldiers isn't easy. We have a very strict procedure of accepting and recruiting new soldiers, it all starts with: The application

The application is the most important part of starting your career. Without one, you cannot join the Military. In order to apply, you'll of course have to follow some rules to ever get accepted;

Do not answer with small answers, explain your answers
Do not change the format, edit questions, edit font size etc.
Copying someone else's application will lead into a direct deny and possible blacklist of the Military
You should not be involved with any corruption, rule breaking or other fights
If your application got denied, you can re-apply after 2 full weeks since the date of denial
Never ask a Military member to check your application, this will lead into a deny. You won't be forgotten so be patient
Once your application is accepted, you will continue on to: The test

Military's test consists out of 2 parts, the skill part and the interview part. Both parts won't be easy, a lot of people did not pass these tests, but don't worry! If you fail you can re-try after 2 weeks by doing everything all over again. It's not fun, but remember, a good soldier NEVER gives up.

After your test you'll finally get invited, but you'll have to pass the trial period first.

The trial period is your time as Boot Camp Student and Recruit. Here you'll have to proof what you're worth and that you have what it takes to become a Military member.

The application
[hide][b]Military Application V3.0

1: Basic information

1.1: Your in-game name:

1.2: Your nationality:

1.3: Previous (known) nicknames:

1.4: Playtime (ss required):

1.5: Arrests (ss required):

1.6: Have you applied for the Military before? If yes, what happened:

1.7: If your last apply was denied, how did you improve in those 2 weeks:

2: Personal information

2.1: Describe yourself as a person:

2.2: Do you have any siblings:

2.3: Rate your own behavior (explain):

2.4: What motivates you:

2.5: First language:

2.6: Do you know/speak any other languages? if yes, which?:

2.7: What's your strongest irl skill:

2.8: Is loyalty a special thing to you?:

2.9: What makes you different from anyone else:

3: LAW related info

3.1: Rate your experience inside TUNs LAW enforcement:

3.2: Why are you a cop:

3.3: How long have you played as cop:

3.4: How would you improve the LAW side:

3.5: What motivates you to be a cop:

3.6: Have you ever lead LAW side events? (BR, CR etc):

4: Military related info

4.1: Why did you choose the Military instead of any other group:

4.2: What does the Military mean to you:

4.3: Why should we recruit you over someone else:

4.4: What does the Military stand for:

4.5: Do you have any plans for your career?:

4.6: What is your relation to other LAW enforcement groups? (SWAT/squads):

4.7: Do you have any experience in leading groups:

4.8: Do you want to learn?:

4.9: If yes, what do you want to learn(remember, the Military isn't a school!):

4.10: What is your strongest in-game skill and how does it benefit the Military:

4.11: What's your worst in-game skill and how would you improve it:

5: Background and history

5.1: What are your 2 most recent squads AND gangs, and why did you leave them/get kicked:

5.2: Do you have any recent TUN punishments?:

5.3: Have you ever been banned:

5.4: Have you been a Military soldier before:

5.5: If yes, how did your career end:

5.6: Have you ever been blacklisted from the Military or the SWAT team:

6: Rule knowledge

6.1: How many times did you read Military's rules:

6.2: Are you sure you know all our rules by head:

6.3: Can a Corporal spawn a rustler and kill an unwanted soldier?:

6.4: Can a Boot Camp Student go AFK on Police duty:

6.5: What is power abuse as soldier:

6.6: Why shouldn't you abuse powers:

6.7: If a criminal steals the Andromada, can a Lieutenant take it down without Private's permission?:

6.8: What's a good excuse to not join a training:

6.9 What's a bad excuse to not join a Warzone event:

6.10: Can a Sergeant spawn a hydra and strike any wanted criminal he wants?:

6.11: Can a Military member rent an aircraft in the warzones while 2 Air Force members are airborne already?:

7: Misc

7.1: Come up with an original answer to this riddle: ''When Tom Riddle made a Riddle, he riddled the riddle together, but why?'':

7.2: Quote a quote you like:

7.3: How good do you rate your english skill(../10) and why:

7.4: What's your opinion on watermelons:

7.5: Did you copy+paste ANYTHING in the post you just made:

7.6: Is there anything else you'd like to write down here:

7.7: If not, why not:

To start the whole process of becoming a soldier in the Military, you'll have to apply. Copy this and paste it, and fill it in to apply below.
Make sure you follow the rules stated above, breaking these will result in a instant deny.

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Good luck! We're looking forward to see your application.

Internal job opportunities

This area is for current soldiers who would like a new challenge, this area only displays Sergeant application possibilities for now, which might change eventually.

 Reveal hidden contents

Application results

All the results of the applications will be listed here, please remember that your application can be denied for reasons varying from poor applications to you don't have what it takes to be a soldier. Complaining about your deny is NOT possible unless you're 100% sure the deny is completely bullshit. (Contact GEN-Mart).  *doing this invalidly will result in an apply restriction for you for 1 month

 Pending :
Tanlitary , Contac me in iG basic test : Fightback

If your name is on this list you have passed the Application phase and you should contact a Staff Sergeant+ to get tested!


If your name is on this list it sadly means your application has been rejected. Improve what you need to improve and feel free to have another chance in 2 weeks!
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