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Staff apply [Mr.mAx]

on Sat Oct 14, 2017 8:55 pm
-Personal info-
Ingame nick name: Mr.mAx
Account name: max__dhifi

Write here why we should accept you:

Alright first of all i won't say that i'm the hero and I will be a pro staff and bla bla, I'm a normal player who is ready to support players and newbies. Second i know it's a big responsibility in being a staff so yea i'm ready to take this responsibility and never let any of TUN staff team down, Also i'm not that player who is abusing powers or something like that so I will never abuse the powers. Third i'm not that player who's hater or something no i'm a normal player and i like making new and more friends so yea i'm not a hater. Forth i'm not that arogant player who ignores the sms and blocking people no, My SMS is opened forever and i won't ignore anyone. Fifth and the last thing i will never be AFK on duty and as i said before I will never abuse the powers so i won't forget this responsibility as i'm ready to support and keep up with helping TUN players, Also i'm always following the SAUR Rules as i'm an old member so i couldn't break any rule.
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Re: Staff apply [Mr.mAx]

on Sun Oct 15, 2017 3:23 pm
Denied - Say Other Server It's Not allowed To Say Other Servers Name, Only TUN:RPG
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