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Military //Rules

on Sun Nov 26, 2017 1:51 am

Military Rules

Always be loyal to your group and your teamates.
Always follow all the TUN Rules.
Try to always join the WZ.
Respect every TUN Players if you want to be respected.
Never ask for Promotions. If you do good work, you will be rewarded.
Be mature. Acting like a kid won't help you with anything.
Always listen to higher members and respect them.
If you have power over others, don't abuse it. Be a leader, not a boss!
Always attend to trainings and don't leave them without a proper reason explained to the host.
Work on duty as much time as you can. Although, you are also allowed to use civilian jobs.
Don't troll in any way. Be mature.
Be active! If you're going inactive, make a topic in the Military inactivity area or you'll be kicked.
Don't be involved in any Gangster/law group with another account. If you really want to play with it, you're only allowed to join a civilian clan/ planting drugs!
Don't leave the gang without a really valid reason; if done within the first 10 days this will automatically result in a Blacklist.
Reporting a Military member to staff team will be treaten as act of betreyal, and will result in kick and blacklist.
If you see Military members breaking rules, report him to HeadQuarter team.
Regroup with Cops more often and Arrest Gangsters together.
The Student Military members are not able to take the job.
Having a 2nd tag isn't allowed, you're only able to use Military tags

Military Base Rules

Always hide/destroy any vehicles inside the base.
Don't let any non-allowed player enter the base.
If there's an non-Military inside the base, don't be rude with him. Ask him kindly to leave, if he doesn't, call a staff.
If there's a camper in front of the base, don't open the gate.
Do not waste your time in base. Your goal is to help Law side.

Vehicle usage

Boot Camp Students are not allowed to spawn any vehicle unless given permission to by Master Sergeant+
Recruit+ are allowed to use every ground vehicle.
Recruit+ ranks are allowed to use the Police Maverick/Raindance/Cargo-bob.
Recruits are allowed to ask permissions from a Lieutenant+ to spawn a rustler.
Private+ ranks are allowed to spawn and use a rustler without permissions.
Avoid spawning sea sparrows, they're mainly restricted to SWAT Officers although Captain+ can give permissions to Private First Class+ to use it, but to do this, the Captain+ needs to have talked at least with a SWAT high ranked Officer that would say a Military member can indeed use a sea sparrow, this means we will only be using it on rare occasions.
Sergeant+ ranks are allowed to spawn a hydra for transport only. Shooting is prohibited.
Sergeant+ ranks are allowed to attack/defend the andromada with a hydra.
Staff Sergeant+ can attack rented hydra/hunters owned by a wanted criminal/terrorist only when A: The player killed cops B: Cops call for backup. Striking a non wanted rented hydra will lead into a punishment, so be sure to check before engaging.
Master Sergeant+ are allowed to roam around the desert base (mainly green area) and engage players that are constantly flying by the base or planning on stealing the andromada. Engaging is only allowed when the criminals are wanted.
Captain+ can give permission to a Private+ to take down the andromada, a rented vehicle or to travel from base to base or to events such as the BR/CR/White house/SWAT base and SC deliveries.
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