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[ Staff application ] MBC

on Sun Nov 26, 2017 8:56 pm

Your in-game name: MBC
Your real life name: Ibrahim
Hours In-Game: More than 5

Convince us why should we choose you(At least 100 words+):You should accept me because I've been through this experience before and I handled the staff job without causing any problems.I am an experienced player on this server with over 4100 hours of playtime in other servers . I am good for this server because I am a friendly person who likes to have a laugh with others and I treat everyone the same no matter which group he is in or who the person is. I am a fair person and I do not take sides. When i was previously recruited to the staff team I was part of the team for over 6 months and I have to say I did enjoy the 6 months i was staff. I have reasons for why I left and the reasons I left have now been resolved. The reason i left was due to a lack of active staffs, I used to be on duty alone with over 300 people and with a lot of people spamming me at once. I did handle it, but it was consistent leaving me with no free time at all but now that has been resolved with the new management team recruiting active staffs. In this community, I am a well-known respected player who has got a good reputation within the community. I have been playing for a long time now and my favourite part of these 4k+ hours was when i was staff and terrorist founder, helping players on a daily basis. It had become like a hobby until i had to give it up due to a few irl in other servers issues which have now been resolved. Since i resigned a year or two ago, i haven't picked up any valid punishments as i am serious about this server. I'm always suggesting things and giving ideas on things which i think will improve gameplay.

Why do you think you're better than anyone else: I joined many servers so I know many things about leading, staff duty and RPG servers
Tell us something about yourself: Let me start by introducing myself, who am I, what do I do for a living, what do I like doing, what are my special talents, etc. To start off, my name is Ibrahim el hawary and I'm 14 years old. Ifirst semester. In my free time, I like to play video games and visit the gym once a while. What I enjoy better than playing video games and visiting the gym is spending time with my girlfriend, my true love. In the weekends, sometimes I host parties at my house or at my friend's house. Who doesn't like to party once a while? When I'm not partying throughout the weekend, I'm playing soccer. Like everyone and their favorites, I've my own favorites as well. My favorite series is „The Big Bang Theory“ and favorite movie is "Crime Busters“. My special talent is playing the guitar and piano which I've been doing for 2 years.This is who I am and I hope that small paragraph explained what kind of person I am, what I love doing, what are my special talents, and more. My MTA history begins when I was in the 6th grade. My friend Kac told me about this game, so we started playing together firstly at SANL. We had a great time there. I really don't remember much details from SANL, so lets move to TUN.As the SANL died so did we, till someone didn't inform us about TUN.We downloaded GTA fast as possible,installed MTA and started playing it ( I can remember it as it was yestrday ).The time that we spent of it was great, we meet up a lot new friends and also we invited lots of ours friends to play it. I can say that the old times were the best, u had a small community where u build up a real family. Everyone was helping eachother. The staff team back then was much better then now. U could talk with them,they didn't be so selfish as now.As a kid (13-14 y/o ) I started learning LUA i had made few amatuer scripts made. While I was scripting i learned to home-host a server so I started to invite my friends to play there and help me with some work that i couldn't do alone. They liked my work. Which increased my ego to script more. I have build a small community with approx 10 players. I learnt to use admin functions and the panel aswell. In high school i have learned C++,C#, and also I have made a application that C++ language. It was fun making it and I also remembered old days while i was doing some LUA work.I wasn't playing any video games a long period of time because I had few problems with my learning and life. I decided to play games only on summer and witner breaks. The only game that i wanted to play then was MTA. I know that its a old game but i enjoy playing it. finished the high school great,I passed all exams,managed to join an university. Nowdays i play mta every day, I got addicited to it again. My strengths are that I'm pretty good at talking to others and i'm trying my best to provide as much help as possible for those who seek for help. If there is a fight going on in mainchat for an example then i would try my best to come up with a solution to solve the problem. Sometimes i even talk to much so it just gets akward. Besides that I'm also good at listening to others and show respect while they talk. There are other of things i'm also good at but the reason why i mentioned this is because that's something i'm pretty good at when it comes to real life. At school I was known as the one talking alot for a example but my friends tell me that it's good to have someone that can keep up a discussion. I believe that this could be usefull to have as a staff member on the server. To be able to help others in need and come up with solutions. Besides spelling of certain words, i am not aware of any other weakness which could make me any problems in this role. However when i find any kind of weakness, i work on it so i can improve myself. I would like to have a chance for the duty of the staff team because I think I am highly qualified for this job. Not everyone knows the real definition of this job, most don't take it seriously and I can make a difference. This job requires time, patience, dedication and commitment, and I qualify in all of those. Also, speaking two languages would allow me to communicate with more players on the server, not only would I have the ability to communicate with more players on the server, it would give me the ability to help more. Also, I can be very fair towards people. I like hearing both sides of the stories, selected suspect, victim and witnesses. From those given stories, we make a case, and solve it with what we've, giving all party members the ability to express themselves and defending of course. If I get the chance to join the staff team I would like to help out with dealing with reports, such as dealing with rule breakers, managing the chat, helping out players, etc. Not many admins in-game take their time to hear what the players have got to say, once classified guilty, they proceed with punishments, I want to make a difference in that and allowing players to express their feelings and themselves to why they committed the act, how it can be done better next time, and so on…


You made any videos in the past? None
You have made any bases which are added on TUN? Not yet.


Past TUN Clans: SWAT, Military and Terrorists
Past punishments: None

You ever had a ban from a staff member? If so write the reason+duration: None
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