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[ Staff application ] Mozaba

on Wed Nov 29, 2017 7:41 pm

Your in-game name:Mozaba
Your real life name:Youssef Mohamed
Hours In-Game: 4 hours

Convince us why should we choose you(At least 100 words+):You should accept me because I've been through this experience before and I handled the staff job without causing any problems.I am an experienced player on this server with over 4100 hours of playtime. I am good for this server because I am a friendly person who likes to have a laugh with others and I treat everyone the same no matter which group he is in or who the person is. I am a fair person and I do not take sides. When i was previously recruited to the staff team I was part of the team for over 6 months and I have to say I did enjoy the 6 months i was staff. I have reasons for why I left and the reasons I left have now been resolved. The reason i left was due to a lack of active staffs, I used to be on duty alone with over 300 people and with a lot of people spamming me at once. I did handle it, but it was consistent leaving me with no free time at all but now that has been resolved with the new management team recruiting active staffs. In this community, I am a well-known respected player who has got a good reputation within the community. It had become like a hobby until i had to give it up due to a few irl issues which have now been resolved. i haven't picked up any valid punishments as i am serious about this server. I'm always suggesting things and giving ideas on things which i think will improve gameplay.

Why do you think you're better than anyone else:First of all, by the experience I got. I have been playing MTA for about 2 years, I have learned everything I could from those years, I always try to improve myself, I'm mature, friendly and I have fluent English, I am ready to any challenge and durable to responsibility, also because I'm always ready to be taught and I like to improve more and more, I always listen to higher ranks, I always like to help other criminals, I'm a hard working, loyal player who cooperates well with other players, I'm currently active and helpful , I always try my best to help them out in the most efficient way possible. so, therefore, I urge you to please read my application and give me if full thought, even tho I may some mistakes.
Tell us something about yourself:Greetings, my name is Youssef Mohamed. When I was 18 years old, I attended Amir al-Bahr Preparatory School, and soon after I graduated and went to study in translation. My hobbies include: Watch TV, play video games, watch football or play football physically, learn how to design graphs in my spare time or watch videos on YouTube. The goal of my career in life is to become a software programmer or a professional graphic designer and video editor. I have one brother, his name is Mahmoud, and he plays a wall with me. I love listening to music, I'm not a big fan of pop / electric or rock. I'm more in rap and danshall. My favorite rappers are: Wiz Khalifa, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Playboy Caretti, A $ Rocky Abbey and Lil Ozzie Vert.


You made any videos in the past?no i didn't
You have made any bases which are added on TUN?no i didn't

Past punishments:N/A

You ever had a ban from a staff member? If so write the reason+duration:no i haven't

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