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[Staff Apply]The-End

on Sat Dec 02, 2017 9:08 pm

Your in-game name: The-End
Your real life name: mohamed
Hours In-Game: 8hours

Convince us why should we choose you(At least 100 words+): You guys are recruiting professional staff members that are Skilled, Professional, Respectful, Resourceful I have all.I can help new player and staff member by make map or base.I try make best server in Top 10. I can also invite players in the server .I will not abuse my admin position for self gain.I will keep the server from cheaters and hackers, and i will give the sever all of my time.I will try to be very responsible for my rights

Why do you think you're better than anyone else:I don't think about You are best player because all player and Staff are same level in Server.
Tell us something about yourself:Hello,i am naman kori for india.I like to player football and Chess.And i Win Chess 2nd in School.I like play MTA.In MTA i like to play RPG server.I like to make base and map and give it to owner.


You made any videos in the past? N/A
You have made any bases which are added on TUN? N/A

Past TUN Clans: N/A
Past punishments: N/A

You ever had a ban from a staff member? If so write the reason+duration: N/A
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