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[Staff Applection]SPOT#

on Tue Dec 05, 2017 10:32 pm
. wrote:

Your in-game name:SPOT
Your real life name:Mahmoud
Hours In-Game:19

Convince us why should we choose you(At least 100 words+):Well to be honest, I was in a deep doubt if I should apply or not,I even dont know how to begin so I will start from the past.. I have joined this server on the first day it was created, I became a staff member,famous and respcted guy. I know I used to be annoying and I know I was disturbing you@#SPOT and I am really sorry for that. After a quite long time, I would say that I changed my terrible behavior. For now I became the most active guy and the best community supporter.I am sure I would be very helpful in the staff team since I am an old player here, I do have experience, knowledge of the rules and I'm aware of the job of a staff member, I'm willing to help people who are seeking for help, and most of the time I'm assisting in the support chat and out of it. I'm a responsible person, I'm also capable of understanding those players with bad English, most of the newcomers and most of the players around are indeed having lack of English skills, so it's also not a problem for me to understand those kind players and help them at any way I could. I'm a fair person, so expect me to do the right thing at the right time and be at the side of the truth and fairness. I've also got a pretty decent reputation on the server as well, since I've never done anything really harsh which could affect the server or either the players, I'm always willing to be nice to everybody, and I feel ready to handle harmful situations between two or more people involved since we often face with such things on the server nowadays, and I'm wide open for such communications, so I guess I could be helpful here and there too. I do take care of the things I'm in charge of and I assure you that I'm capable and ready for the staff job, I'm a mature dude, I do like hearing people opinions about anything, I have the decent acts around as a mature guy, I guess I'm ready enough to get this huge responsibility on myself and show off as a good addition to the staff team.

Why do you think you're better than anyone else:Because i'm loyal and active and mature player and i will be the best memeber in the game and i'm supporter and helped and i'm respect Player
Tell us something about yourself:


You made any videos in the past?no
You have made any bases which are added on TUN?no

Past punishments:N/A

You ever had a ban from a staff member? If so write the reason+duration:N/A
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Re: [Staff Applection]SPOT#

on Fri Dec 08, 2017 6:58 pm
Denied,You In-Game Name Aren't SpOt
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