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[Staff Application]Ease

on Wed Dec 06, 2017 7:26 pm

Your in-game name:Ease
Your real life name:KariM
Hours In-Game:https:+6:35

Convince us why should we choose you(At least 100 words+):   Greetings , my name is KariM I’m 18 years of age and I am from a Egypt island which is well known as Barbados, I’m here to apply to become a member of the staff team of the *TUN* community . After spending a long time here playing TUN and enjoying and loving the fun server , I will like to volunteer to be a staff member because I have noticed there is only one Caribbean staff which is pain and he is inactive so I decided to go for it , I’m genuinely willing to help TUN at the moment influencing new comers towards the right path and to guide them to be a great rule abiding players. I want to accomplish a lot more in this game. That’s why the staff managers are recruiting new volunteers   constantly, there is a point of time when there is no staff members are online and that’s when the chaos starts players choose to rule break and use inappropriate contents in the main chat so that’s some beneficial to the server to lessen the amount of negativity happening in the server so I thought about putting my activity in use of support , at this time I’ll like to say thank you for taking you’r kind time to read my application. becuase I always have the pleasure to help new or even  old player in URG community..I want to make  the server much better than it  is ..  a Lot of  time when all staff's was offline I saw alot of peoples ,Spamming/camping/breaking rules. So I've decide to help our community to up again ,and I would like to describe that I'll be fairly staff ,who handles well.

Why do you think you're better than anyone else:Giving help to players needed to do your job as staff well,and Being fair is making players happy and good emtions of their life ,I canhelp them as well and do my job as fairly staff ,and make thing better than worsters.
Tell us something about yourself:well My Real Name Is KariM I'm Have 14 years old Live Egypt in Alexandria i'm have 2 Sister i'm Very Love Playing Foot Ball and Playing Ping Poing My Dream Join Staff family and because of it I’m living in a Big house. I have a Big room and trying to improve my english skill in this room. In this room I can neither do things nor I can do whatever I want. I have some hobbies and activities. I like to speak English with who knows speak English. As I told, that is the one of my hobbies; I like to learn different languages. That makes me happy and smart. I believe that the languages improve human's intelligence. Another one of my hobbies; Lifting weights. This one is effective on human skeletal system. Since I’ve started to go GYM, I feel like more stronger. Also as I said ‘’I like to improve my English skill and learn different languages’’, In this hobby I can discover my different parts of my body. Another one of my hobbies; I like to learn some techniques of boxing. That makes me more advantageous in street fights and giving me more chance to save my self. Because of it I don’t bow to anyone.


You made any videos in the past?No
You have made any bases which are added on TUN?yea my friend made base lvl+5 in TUN

Past TUN Clans:Ex-Terrorists Ex-War Machines
Past punishments:N/A

You ever had a ban from a staff member? If so write the reason+duration:No
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Re: [Staff Application]Ease

on Fri Dec 08, 2017 6:57 pm
Accepted.Wait Spektra/Razer Adding you Staff In-game
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