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[Staff Application]Helcut

on Thu Dec 07, 2017 6:05 pm

Your in-game name:Helcut
Your real life name:Mazen Ahmed
Hours In-Game:30h

Convince us why should we choose you(At least 100 words+):I actually want to join for several reasons; I guess I'm loyal, I'm able to help the players all day long, regardless watching them and punishing rulebreakers and keeping the server cleaning of such types of people. Well the second reason is I'm actually hard worker and I can handle many stuff or tasks at the same time. And that's actually the good thing about me, Or in other words I love helping people a lot, Because it gives me that feeling when I help someone and he gets happy, What else? I guess those only, But that's only about me, I didn't talk about the server yet.
Why do I want to join you? I like the server, I liked the way it's working and the way it's admin's are working. I like the admins actually and I actually count them as my friends because I see them daily and I daily speak to many of them. The server is functioning amazingly, which is done by the commitment of the staff team to help the players and be there for them. However, I also got some intentions about learning Lua, so I can do some scripts my own and get that good feeling of the ability of doing anything myself.
Nonetheless this is a cool server, with both nice players and staff team. And I am really wishing to contribute in this server to make it better, always moving forward and growing.

Why do you think you're better than anyone else:i'm better because I am good for this server because I am a friendly person who likes to have a laugh with others and I treat everyone the same no matter which group he is in or who the person is. I am a fair person and I do not take sides.
I am a well-known respected player who has got a good reputation within the community. I have been playing for a long time now and my favourite part of these 30 hours helping players on a daily basis. It had become like a hobby until i had to give it up due to afew irl issues which have now been resolved. Since i resigned a year or so ago, i haven't picked up any valid punishments as i am serious about this server. I'm always suggesting things and giving ideas on things which i think will improve gameplay Nowadays, I am supporting newbies in the support chat and telling them what exactly they need to do in all situations that happened to them. Also, I am helping new players to make themselves feel comfortable and to choose TUN as their main server to play in, just like I did a long time ago. I know how does it feel when you don’t know on what button to press, where to talk to avoid a mute by a staff member and what to do at all, we have already passed it and now our main target is to teach newbies how to play and what exactly they can do and what cant do.
Tell us something about yourself:about me:
I'm Mazen Ahmed, I'm 14 years old, turning 15 very soon. I'm a student. I'm having thoughts entering Faculty Of Engineering in the future, Or maybe to be a Cop.
I'm really optimistic about life, I have a lot of dreams and I know I can make it come true in the future. Well, I actually love travelling a lot, Especially in foreign countries.
I haven't been to many countries, but I said that before, I'm looking forward to make my dreams come true in the future.Well I actually like playing football, I also like Finswimming.


You made any videos in the past?N\A
You have made any bases which are added on TUN?N\A

Past TUN Clans:Military.TheBrains.Riot
Past punishments:N\A

You ever had a ban from a staff member? If so write the reason+duration:nope
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